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Russ Bassett Cabinets can be acquired secondhand for great value prices and, thanks to their tough durable design and construction, Used Russ Bassett microfilm storage cabinets are second only to brand new Russ Bassett Cabinets in terms of their strength and longevity. Favored by libraries, businesses and universities alike, Russ Barrett Cabinets are a neat, robust and ergonomically superior solution to all your microfilm and microfilm accessory storage needs. Russ Bassett storage cabinets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, many of which can be purchased preowned for a fraction of the original price. Whether you’re storing 16mm and 35mm rolls of microfilm, aperture cards or even microfiche, Russ Bassett Cabinets are the perfect heavy-duty, long-lasting solution and, thanks to their strength and resilience, even Used Russ Bassett Cabinets can be trusted to provide safe, organized and easy-to-access storage for all manner of microfilm paraphernalia. Russ Bassett Cabinets are fashioned out of heavy gauge steal and feature chrome flush drawer pulls along with a powder-coat scratch-resistant finish and, as such, are perfectly suited to stand up to the rough and tumble of public use.     


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Used Russ Bassett Storage Cabinets Are Still Russ Bassett Cabinets
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Used Russ Bassett Storage Cabinets Are Still Russ Bassett Cabinets
Russ Bassett Cabinets’ Used Storage Cabinets are a great, affordable way to benefit from the strong and stable Russ Bassett units without having to spend quite so much money. Leading libraries, businesses and universities agree that Russ Bassett Microfilm Cabinets offer the very best in storage so why not explore the preowned models on offer today?