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ScanPro i9500 Microfilm Scanner


Now you can capture ALL of your blipped film – regardless of brand.


Take your research and your ScanPro i9500 to the next level with our exceptional PowerScan Productivity Suite (PPS) OCR software. The PPS software has been leading the marketplace as the fastest word searchable OCR software in the micrographicsindustry since 2011. Now, we’ve taken it a step further by adding proprietary high speed processing algorithms — Smart Navigation Active Processing (SNAP) — to give you real-time microfilm results. Get information in as little as ONE second.


Maintains image focus throughout the optical magnification range at all times. A scanner without FOCUS-Lock capability goes out of focus completely during optical zoom. Some competitive scanners take up to 20 seconds to complete a focus operation.


Automatic Scanning is standard on all ScanPro Microfilm Scanners. Add the new AUTO-Carrier to your i9500 ScanPro and the optional AUTO-Scan® Pro software can scan at up to 100 images per minute on roll film and microfiche.

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Scanpro i9500 Brochure


The ScanPro® i9500 AIO microfilm scanner is the product you’ve been waiting for to bring your image-marked (blipped) film into the digital age. Whether you have Kodak, Canon, Minolta, 3M or custom-made film, the i9500 can read them all – 1 level, 2 level and 3 level. Just “click” Search, Scan or Print to locate a specific image, a range of images, or multiple ranges of images and deliver the results direct to the requestor. In addition, the ScanPro i9500 AIO is a universal scanner that can read and scan ALL microfilm types — not just image-marked. This one machine allows you to utilize your entire microfilm collection.


The ScanPro i9500 offers the most precise image search on the market. Using proprietary technology, it senses every batch, file and page with incomparable accuracy.


The ScanPro i9500 AIO is designed and built to stand up to the rigors of public use and have a proven track record of performance and reliability. Its compact size means it will fit in almost any workspace. It’s also LibraryQuiet™, so it won’t disturb research. All ScanPro products receive free lifetime software updates.


The ScanPro i9500 AIO  is built on the ScanPro® 3500 platform. This exceptional, fully-featured unit gives you the benefit of its 26 megapixel camera1, which is nearly twice the optical resolution of any other microfilm scanner on the market. The ultra-high definition scanning of the ScanPro I9500 AIO offers the clearest images in the industry.

1The ScanPro 3500/i9500 high performance, pixel-shifting camera produces the clearest image in the microfilm industry. Pixel-shifting is a state-of-the-art technology being used by some of the best known and respected manufactures in the camera industry, names like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Leica, Zeiss, Pentax, Lumix and many others. Although e-ImageData is not the first manufacturer to use pixel-shifting, we are the first and the only manufacturer in the micrographics industry to use this advanced technology to capture higher megapixel images. Using pixel shifting, e-ImageData starts with its largest image sensor in the industry (10.5mm x 7.328mm, 3.5µm2 pixel, 6.6 megapixel sensor), to capture and integrate 4 unique optical images into a single 26 megapixel camera image, the clearest image in the industry.

ScanPro i9300 Microfilm Scanner