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Microfiche Duplicators Diazo & Vesicular Films

Eye Com V-1 Microfiche Duplicator Exposure Unit

V-1 Microfiche Duplicator Exposure UnitV-1 Microfiche Duplicator Exposure Unit is bi-modal and can be used with diazo or vesicular film

The V-1 Microfiche Exposure Unit is a bi-modal, compact, planetary microfiche duplicator providing superior resolution at any reduction ratio. It employs a tight-registration pressure pad in the door or lid which, when latched closed, provides even and total contact of the master to the duplicate film.  As a result the duplicate will have the same sharpness, resolution and detail. The exposing area has a curved glass radius which provides even light from all angles to provide optimum resolution at all times. When the “PRINT” button is depressed, the shutter opens, exposing just the desired amount of light for the perfect exposure. The V-1 Microfiche Duplicator can be used for diazo and vesicular film, as well as to duplicate AB Dick masters.
V-1 Microfiche Duplicator Advantages:

  • Compact, rugged, economical
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Simple to operate
  • Exposes two fiche at a time
  • Bi-Modal: Exposes both diazo and vesicular film
  • Superior resolution at any reduction
  • Accommodates all flat film – including AB Dick masters

V-1 Microfiche Duplicator Specifications:
Lamp: 800 watt U.V.
Electrical: 110V / 60 Hz – 12 amps 230V / 50 Hz – 6 amps
Exposure Range: Variable to 60 seconds
Speed: Diazo – 12/15 seconds / Vesicular – 6 seconds
Warm up time: 4 minutes
Dimensions: Height: 10″ (254 mm) Width: 22″ (559 mm) Depth: 12″ (305 mm)
Shipping Weight: 80 lb. (36 Kg)

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V1 Exposure Unit

Dual fiche/jacket/aperture card Microfiche Duplicator Exposure Unit $7,100.00 $6,500.00

V-11 and V18 Diazo Microfiche Developer
V-11 & V-18 Diazo Microfiche Developer
The Eye Com V-11 and V-18 microfiche developers are designed for easier and less costly maintenance

The EyeCom V-11 and V-18 Diazo microfiche devlopers employ a unique, one pass-through Ammonia Vaporising System. They can’t leak, spill, overload or leave a residue – and they don’t require constant cleaning. They work perfectly and constantly so that you get perfect copies every time. The V-11 and V-18 Diazo Microfiche Developers have Guide-Flat Feeding which makes them virtually jam-proof. Material is inserted into the leading edge rollers, follows a flat path and exits the rear. You are never left waiting for the copy that somehow didn’t make it through. For maximum workloads, production can easily be doubled by inserting the exposed copies into the rollers back to back; emulsion up and emulsion down.
V-11 and V18 Microfiche Developer Advantages:

  • variable temperature control – all solid state circuitry
  • Minimal maintenance – precision ground coated rollers for long life, even development and elimination of film scratching.
  • Simple to operate – one pass through developing
  • Guide-Flat Feeding eliminates jams, curling
  • Compact, rugged, construction
  • Seperate switches for heat and rollers
  • Can double production by placing copies base-side to base-side
Electrical: 110V / 60 Hz – 4 amps 230V / 50 Hz 2.0 amps
Capacity per hour: 240
Warm up time: 10 minutes
Dimensions: Height: 5 1/2″ (140 mm) Width: 218 1/2″ (470 mm) Depth: 5″ (127 mm)
Shipping Weight: 11 lb. (4.5 Kg)
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Diazo Developer Unit with manual ammonia pump (11.5″ wide) $2,030.00 $1,650.00


Diazo Developer Unit with manual ammonia pump (17.5″ wide) $2,130.00 $1,825.00


Diazo Developer Unit with manual ammonia pump (24.5″ wide) $2,775.00 $2,550.00


SM2500 Diazo Film and coated paper Developer 24.5” wide $4,020.00 $3,575.00


Auto ammonia metering pump AMP for V-11, V-18, and V-24 (The AMP can be added to these units to improve their performance and ease of the development process.) $660.00 $575.00

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