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Russ Bassett Microfiche Cabinets

Russ Bassett Microfiche Cabinets = High Density Filing of Microfiche

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Most of the Classic cabinets  were deleted by January 01, 2018.  The only Classic cabinets left are the vertical F-10 (Microfiche) and the R-12 (Rollfilm). New lateral 36″ wide replacement cabinets will soon be available for microfiche and microfilm.

Russ Bassett Fiche cabinetRuss Bassett Corporation has built a reputation for providing high quality microfilm cabinets. The F Series (vertical) and FL Series (lateral) microfiche storage cabinets from Russ Bassett are designed to provide maximum filing density for your microfiche records. They are sensibly designed, user friendly and are built of heavy guage steel to provide years of trouble free service. The cabinets are quickly recognized by their center mounted, chrome flush drawer pull. The full extension drawers assure easy acess to all microfiche. Both the F and FL series Russ Bassett microfiche storage cabinets come in three models, a five drawer desk height unit, a seven drawer counter height unit and a ten drawer full height unit.

Microfiche Cabinet DrawerLateral Fiche Cabinet

Russ Bassett Microfiche Storage Cabinet Advantages:

  • Powder Coat Scratch Resistant Finish
  • Heavy Gauge, Fully-Welded Steel Construction
  • Media Specific Drawer Interiors
  • Heavy Duty Accuride Slides
  • Class “A” interlock system to prevent cabinet tipping

Russ Bassett Microfiche Storage Cabinet Specifications:

F-10: Ten drawer vertical microfiche storage cabinet
F-10 Capacity: 128,700 Microfiche
F-10 Dimensions: 56”H x 21-1/4”W x 28-5/8”D
F-10 Weight: 335 lbs

All F-Series: 27 control plates per drawer standard. May substitute 3 mechanical compressors as no charge option

FL-5: Five drawer lateral fiche storage cabinet
FL-5 Capacity: 79,200 Microfiche
FL-5 Dimensions: 28-7/8”H x 43-1/8 ”W x 18-1/4”D
FL-5 Weight: 230 lbs

FL-7: Seven drawer lateral fiche storage cabinet
FL-7 Capacity: 110,900 Microfiche
FL-7 Dimensions: 39-3/4”H x 43-1/8 ”W x 18-1/4”D
FL-7 Weight: 295 lbs

All FL-Series: 30 control plates per drawer standard. May substitute 6 mechanical compressors as no charge option.

All cabinets: Neutral Gray or Putty (Other colors available upon request)

Item Description List Price Your Price
F-10 10-Drawer Vertical Microfiche Cabinet  $3,856.00 $3,475.00
FL-5 5-Drawer Lateral Microfiche Cabinet  $2,197.00 $1,936.00
FL-7 7-Drawer Lateral Microfiche Cabinet  $2,691.00 $2,476.00
FL-10 10-Drawer Lateral Microfiche Cabinet  $3,421.00 $3,103.00
RSLK Optional Gang Lock Accessory  $89.00 $80.80

All prices and specifications subject to change without notice.