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Kodak Prostar Microfilm Processor Parts and Racks

Our rebuilt racks are assembled with new parts made in the USA.

$5,269.00 for a complete set of all 7 Kodak Prostar Processor racks! (With exchange of your old racks + shipping)

Save $1000’s over the cost of new original racks
We now carry a complete set of after market Kodak Prostar Processor racks and most replacement parts for all the Kodak Prostar Processors. We believe you will find these rebuilt processor racks with new bushings made of Delrin are better than the original Kodak Prostar Processor racks!

Click on the Prostar Processor racks photo to go directly to our Kodak Prostar Processor Racks web page.We have also added a web page featuring our after market Kodak Prostar Processor parts. If you repair your own processor racks, you will find most of our prices 50% to 85% less than Kodak Prostar Processor part prices.