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Planetary Microfilm Cameras

ALOS Planetary Camera 41-II

ALOS Planetary Camera 41-IIA Simple, more versatile microfilm camera

The ALOS Planetary Microfilm Camera 41-II is a dependable camera for high volume applications. It is designed for fast, simple microfilming. Simply place a document on the copy board and the ALOS Planetary Microfilm Camera 41-II automatically selects the correct reduction ratio and the proper focus. Automatic single frame or double frame aperture opening, frame indexing, single corner positioning and auto exposure control are among the other features included. These eliminate the need for manual adjustments.

For faster, easier identification and indexing, frame numbers and /or blip marks can be selected and recorded on the film. Three level blipping is available. All frame indexing is recorded inside the camera head to ensure consistent readability. The operator can also manually input up to three 4 digit numbers or a single 12 digit number to identify each frame with vital information that appears along the top of the frame.

The camera head can easily be replaced in seconds, allowing different departments to use their own camera head for specific filming purposes.

ALOS Planetary MIcrofilm Camera 41-II Advantages:

  • Automatic reduction and focus
  • Auto exposure control
  • Frame indexing
  • Zero-space filming – the gap between frames can be eliminated
  • High resolution images
  • Single corner positioning

ALOS Planetary MIcrofilm Camera 41-II Specifications:
Film: 16mm x 100′ (5 mil film), 16mm x 125′ (4 mil film), 16mm x 215′ (2.5 mil film)
Resolution: 155 lines/mm
Reduction Ratio: 25:1, 32:1
Exposure: Automatic or manual
Light Source: (2) 15W flourescent lamps
Maximum Document Size: 11″x17″ (A3)
Image Marks: Built-in 3-level document marks
Frame Counters: 12 digit resettable LED display, 7 digit non-resettale mechanical counter
Dimensions: Height: 41-1/2″ (1054 mm) Width: 35-1/2″ (902 mm) Depth: 27-1/2″ (700 mm)
Weight: 90 lbs. (41 kg)
Electrical: 120V/60Hz only

Item Description List Price Your Price
041.000.05 ALOS Planetary MIcrofilm Camera 41-II $8,375.00 $7,539.00
041.0602-23.05 Extra Film Unit $3,590.00 $3,229.00
041.0806-0171-02 Reset Counter $160.00 $144.00
041.0806-0172-02 Foot Switch $290.00 $259.00
041.0806-7801-03 Black Copy Board $195.00 $175.00
041.0807-9902-02 F03 Firmware (Enhance Choice Modes) $970.00 $875.00



MRD-2 Planetary Microfilmer

MRD-2 Planetary MicrofilmerRefurbished Kodak Micro-File MRD-2 Planetary Microfilm Camera

The Micro-File MRD-2 is a precision 35mm and/or 16mm planetary microfilmer for capturing newspapers, maps, vital statistics, and other large documents up to 26 1/4 inches by 36 3/4 inches. A 16mm accessory kit is available for adapting the MRD-2 to use 16mm microfilm when needed. The normal reduction ratio is variable from 5:1 to 21:1. (Please call if you need a higher magnification. When bound volumes of varying _ thickness are microfilmed, a split-field rangefinder provides critical focusing even with copy level variations of up to 5 inches.

MRD-2 Planetary MIcrofilm Camera Advantages:

  • Wide range of reduction ratios
  • 35mm and/or 16mm filming
  • Copy level variation of up to 5 inches
  • Variable film aperture opening
  • Ability to film large documents up to 26-1/4″ x 36-3/4″

Typical MRD-2 Planetary MIcrofilm Camera Specifications:
Film: 16mm x 100′ (5 mil film) or 35mm
Reduction Ratios: 5:1 to 21:1 (up to 36:1 with extensions)
Reduction changes: Manual
Exposure: Manual
Maximum document height: 5 inches
Maximum Document Size: 26-1/4″ x 36-3/4″ (with extensions)
Dimensions: Height: 102″ Width: 72″ Depth: 34″
Weight: 165 lbs. (75 kg)
Electrical: 120V/60Hz, 20A

We can depot service your MRD-2 microfilmer film units (MCD’s).

Item Description List Price Your Price
MRD-2 Camera Kodak MRD-2 Planetary Microfilmer with MCD Film Unit N/A Call for pricing
MCD Camera Conversion Kit Automatic Exposure Unit (installed) (Used) 16mm Conversion Kit to switch your MRD-2 from 35mm to 16mm when needed N/A $295.00

All prices and specifications subject to change without notice.