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Kodak Portable RP Microfilmer Parts

Compare and see the savings on these new after market parts for portable microfilmers!

RP Portable Microfilmer Parts Advantages:

  • Equal or better than original parts
  • Fully Guaranteed
  • Economical – Save money

RP Portable Microfilmer Parts Specifications:
(See individual part descriptions below)

Kodak RP Portable Microfilmer
Replacement Part
Kodak RP Microfilmer
Part No.
Description Part Price
(No photo) 025505 Locating Lug Plate  



(No photo) 164526 Power Switch  



(No photo) 187769 Kodak portable microfilmer foot  



lamp bank for Kodak portable microfilmer 872779
Save about $2.00 or more per lamp over the cost of the original lamps*
(*new lamp bank required)
Exposure Lamp for our new style lamp bank – these lamps are less expensive than the original lamp, easier to change out, and you get more even illumination!
(See lamp bank details below)

Anti-backup spring for Kodak Portable Microfilmer

872905 Anti-backup Spring $25.00

Motor cover for Kodak Portable Microfilmer

873008 RP Microfilmer Motor Cover 29.00

Glass guide for Kodak Portable Microfilmer






Glass Guide, Starphire





Exit tray for Kodak Portable Microfilmer

873025 Exit Hopper
for Kodak RP Microfilmer

Replacement mirror for Kodak Portable Microfilmer

873036 Mirror
(inside RP Microfilmer)
Clutch springs for Kodak Portable Microfilmer 873066


Spring Clutch, Cam Hub




873071 Spring Clutch, Film Drive $28.00

(No Photo)






Stud Pivot, 10/24 Lg. Head





Cover for Kodak RP Portable Microfilmers 873113 Cover, Voltage
for portable microfilmers

Voltage dial for Kodak RP Portable Microfilmers

873118 Knob, Voltage Adjust $32.00

Spring for Kodak RP Portable Microfilmer

873259 Spring, Receptacle $21.00

(No photo)






Digital Counter Bracket





spring for Kodak RP Portable Microfilmer 874478 Spring, Worm Assembly $28.00

(No photo)






Bearings, Worm Assembly





Bearings for Kodak Portable RP Microfilmer No part # Bearings, Hub Assembly $15.00 ea

Hub for Kodak Portable RP Microfilmer

874755 Hub Assembly $62.00

Guides for Kodak Portable RP Microfilmer

875578 Guide, Film Unit
New style lamp bank assembly for Kodak RP Portable Microfilmer 878717 Lamp Bank Assembly for Kodak RP series Microfilmers
with LED lamp out indicatorNo more problems trying to figure out which lamp burned out!

Side panel for Kodak RP Portable Microfilmer

880888 Side Panel, RP-1 $35.00

Kodak RP Portable Microfilmer film unit door

882033 Door, CP-20(Black in color to minimize light leaks) $159.00

(No photo)






Power Cord, 10 Ft.





Lamp relay for Kodak Portable RP Microfilmer

884325 Lamp out relay
( solid state)

(No photo)




Personalized SN. Plates
RP-1 & CP-20


a set

All prices and specifications subject to change without notice.