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Used Microfilm Cabinets

Overfile CabinetRuss Bassett Overfile Storage Cabinets


We have a quantity of Russ Bassett Overfile 5 drawer microfilm cabinets for $499 to clear out some of our overstock. The RO-5 overfile microfilm cabinet is designed to be used with the R-6 and R-8 roll film cabinets and provides you with the greatest filing density per square foot. Weld nuts on the bottom of the RO-5 overfile cabinet align with knockouts on the top of the R series’ cabinets. This allows you to bolt the over file cabinet together with the roll film cabinet for a safe installation.

Microfilm Overfile Cabinet Advantages:

  • Media Specific Drawer Interiors
  • 50% more filing in the same space
  • Constructed of 16-gauge, fully welded steel framework

Microfilm Storage Cabinet Specifications:
RO-5: Five drawer lateral roll film storage cabinet
RO-5 Max. Capacity:
780 16mm roll film / 480 35mm roll film
RO-5 Dimensions: 34”H x 25 ”W x 28-5/8”D
RO-5 Weight: 310 lbs

11 Drawer Microfilm Storage Cabinet

$995.00 each – SOLD OUT

These used Russ Bassett 11 drawer microfilm cabinets show normal wear (minor scratches, paint worn on corners, etc.) but are in nice condition overall. They are fully operational (all drawers slide easy) and at this price you save $100’s over the cost of a new cabinet. We can provide additional photos if you have an interest in them – please contact us for more information. There are only three left in stock.

Used Microfilm Roll Film Storage Cabinet Advantages:

  • Save $100’s over the cost of new cabinets
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Construction
  • Media Specific Drawer Interiors

Microfilm Storage Cabinet Specifications:

R-11: Eleven drawer vertical roll film storage cabinet
R-11 Max. Capacity:
1,430 16mm roll film / 880 35mm roll film
R-11Dimensions: 51-5/8”H x 25”W x 28-5/8”D
R-11 Weight: 400 lbs

All prices and specifications subject to change without notice.