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Microfilm Machines don’t get much better than the ScanPro 2200 Plus. Favored by top universities, libraries, businesses, and government agencies, the ScanPro 2200 Plus is one of the highest performing and most reliable microfilm machines being sold today. With its durable built for public use construction, stylish design and easy-to-use ‘one click’ on-screen user interface – powered by Windows – it’s perfectly geared toward the rigors of professional use. This microfilm scanner which can be purchased from World Micrographics, can create word-searchable PDFs; the ScanPro 2200 Plus has truly revolutionized microfilm scanning for genealogists and patrons alike.


For more information about microfilm machines from World Micrographics, Inc. including the ScanPro 2200 Plus, visit: http://worldmicrographics.com/scanpro-2200-plus/


Microfilm Machine Technology Redefined By ScanPro
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Microfilm Machine Technology Redefined By ScanPro
For the best in microfilm scanner technology, ScanPro models offer a range of products to cater for public and private use. Universities, libraries, businesses, researchers, genealogists and government agencies favor the ScanPro 2200 Plus for its additional functionality, affordable price and robust casing.