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Microfilm Machines have come a long way since the very first microfilm reader was patented in France during the second half of the nineteenth century; the ScanPro 2200 is durable, affordable and provides clear and accurate images. Ideally suited to the rigors of public use, the ScanPro 2200 sold by World Micrographics – is the microfilm machine of choice for universities, libraries, businesses, researchers and government agencies who require a reliable, robust and high-performing system but want to keep the initial cost of purchase low. With its compact size and reliability, the ScanPro 2200 is one of the best value microfilm machines on the market today. Additionally, if a user’s situation changes and they require the additional functionality and speed of the ScanPro 2200 Plus, they have the option to upgrade any time with the purchase of a software license to unlock the additional features.


For more information about microfilm scanning systems from World Micrographics, Inc. including the ScanPro 2200, visit: http://worldmicrographics.com/scanpro-2200/


Microfilm Machine Technology Is What ScanPro Does Best
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Microfilm Machine Technology Is What ScanPro Does Best
For the best in microfilm machine technology, ScanPro offers a range of products to cater for public and private use. Universities, libraries, businesses, researchers and genealogists favor the ScanPro 2200 for its reliability, durability and reasonable price tag.