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Microfilm Equipment has evolved massively over the years; the ScanPro 2200 – supplied by World Micrographics – is used by universities, libraries, government and businesses that require an accurate, robust and high-performing piece of microfilm equipment but want to keep the initial cost of purchase low. Thanks to the easy-to-use, ‘one click’ on-screen software – powered by Windows – the ScanPro 2200 is perfectly suited to the demands of public and private use. With its tough, compact sized outer shell and low cost, this is one of the best microfilm equipment being sold today. Another useful thing about the ScanPro 2200 is that if a user decides for whatever reason that they need to increase the functionality of their microfilm equipment, they can simply upgrade at any time by purchasing a software license to unlock the additional features. The ScanPro 2200 Plus offers higher speed image scanning along with many other useful features and utilizes the same hardware as the ScanPro 2200 Plus.


For more information about microfilm machines from World Micrographics, Inc. including the ScanPro 2200, visit: http://worldmicrographics.com/scanpro-2200/


Microfilm Equipment Brought to You by ScanPro
Article Name
Microfilm Equipment Brought to You by ScanPro
Microfilm Equipment starts with the ScanPro 2200. The ScanPro 2200 is utilized by universities, libraries, businesses, researchers, and government agencies who want a reliable, compact and easy-to-use piece of microfilm equipment.