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e-ImageData ScanPro 1100 Microfilm Scanner

All-In-One Touch Screen Ready, Microfilm Viewer, Scanner, Printer - the Complete Digital Solution

Low cost, built for public use, provides powerful features and is easy-to-use.!

ScanPro 1100 Low Cost Microfilm Scanner

Easy to Use
Small and compact, the ScanPro 1100 fits almost anywhere. The ScanPro 1100 software is an intuitive Windows® computer application with familiar icons and text labels. One click on-screen buttons complete look ups quickly and efficiently on the ScanPro1100.


All controls are conveniently arranged by folder tabs to insure simplicity and ease of access. And, an on-screen help menu is available for all controls to help any user at any time. The combination carriers are easy and fast to operate using on-screen controls. View highest quality imaging with no pixilation.

Performance and Value
The ScanPro 1100 is built for durability in public use applications. The construction is heavy gauge steel throughout and all moving parts use steel bearings for long term reliability.ScanPro 1100 film types

Scan All of Your Microforms
The ScanPro 1100 low cost microfilm scanner is a great choice for a viewer/printer/scanner for microfiche, jackets, 16mm and 35mm roll film,micro opaques, and aperture cards. The Microfilm ScanPro1100 utilizes combination carriers that remain on the ScanPro when changing film types. These carriers are designed to avoid film scratching and feature ball bearing guides.


ScanPro 1100 Microfilm Scanner Advantages:

  • 12 month warranty.
  • Illumination lamp warranty for the life of the product.
  • Built for public use applications.
  • Easy to use software with no charge updates throughout the life of the product.
  • Combination carriers for all of your micro form applications.
  • Optical zoom range 7x to 54x.
  • Works with all microfilm types.
  • Scan to print, scan to a flash drive or hard drive in less than a second.
  • Tool tips and on-screen help for all controls.
  • Patented FOCUS-Lock™ technology eliminates the step of focusing

PLEASE NOTE: We are now the exclusive dealer for ScanPro products both in Ohio and West Virginia. We are not permitted to sell outside our territory. If you are located outside of Ohio or West Virginia, please contact e-ImageData for the exclusive reseller in your area.

Item Description of Available ScanPro 1100 Items – Contact us for additional information and pricing


ScanPro 1100 with fiche carrier, optical/digital zoom 7X to 432X magnification. includes software and cable.


ScanPro 1100 with manual combo fiche and 16mm/35mm carrier, optical/digital zoom 7X to 432X magnification


ScanPro 1100 with motorized combo fiche and 16mm/35mm carrier, optical/digital zoom 7X to 432X magnification


ScanPro 1100 to ScanPro 2000 Upgrade
9862094 ScanPro 1100 upgrade Firewire camera to ScanPro Super Speed USB3 Camera

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