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New Rotary Microfilmers

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Can your business afford to lose any critical information? Protect your business-critical information with the security and legal acceptability of microfilm!

EyeCom EC402 Microfilm Check camera

EyeCom Microfilm Check Camera Interchangable Film Cassettes

16mm Duplex Microfilm Check Camera

The EC 402 camera with interchangeable film magazines allows different departments to use one camera for separate applications. The built-in automatic feeder plus optional accessories such as endorser, three-level blipping, etc. makes this microfilmer useful and flexible for banks.

The EC 402 microfilm camera with joint endo-feeder allows the feeding of documents to be endorsed and microfilmed in a single passage. The endorser (dry type) stamps, dates and numbers on checks up to 13 digits (the last 7 sequential) checks, coupons, slip notes, etc. before they are microfilmed. The endorsement can be positioned by the operator. All microfilmer controls and alarms are located on the front of the camera within clear view. Endorse only is available without microfilming by pressing the no-film button and shutter failure button.

3 level blipping
EC402 Microfilm Check Camera Advantages:

  • Interchangable film cassettes
  • Built-in automatic feeder
  • Optional endorser
  • Optional 3 level blipping
  • LED footage indicator
  • All controls and alarms conveniently located
    on the front of the camera for easy viewing

EC402 Microfilm Check Camera Specifications:
Reduction: 42X (approx. 12,000 checks -100 foot [30.5 meter] spools)
Film: Unperforated 16mm 100 foot (30.5 meter) or 200 foot (60 meter spools)
Film can be loaded in daylight conditions.
Max. feeding width: 9-1/2″ (24 cm.)
Illumenation: 16 lamps, 12 volts -variable light positions for different film density
Alarms: Shutter failure, end of film, lamp failure, film advance
Dimensions: 13.8″H x 18.1″W x 24.8″0 (35 cm x 46 cm x 63 cm)
Weight: 82 Ibs. [37 Kg.) with built-in conformity with U.L and VOE regulations
Electrical: 115 volts, 60 Hz or 220/240 volts, 50 Hz, 450 watt

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16mm Duplex Check Microfilmer with 1 Film Cassette $6,743.00 $5,998.00
EC402BK Three Level Blip Kit $989.00 $890.00
ECE150 Endorser E150 W/O Cylinder & Plate $989.00 $890.00
ECE250 Endorser E250 W/O Cylinder & Plate $989.00 $890.00
EC402M Additional Magazine $353.00 $319.00
EC40BM Additional Blip Magazine $551.00 $499.00
Endorser 250 System 2-1/2″ Long Stamp


Type G CYLINDER for Endorsements $164.00 $149.00
EC25CYD Type D CYLINDER with Endorsements and Date $244.00 $220.00
EC215CYND Type ND CYLINDER Providing Date & Numbering (Side-by-side) $380.00 $349.00
EC25WPS PLATES – Wording OR 1 Signature (Up to 4 Lines) $250.00 $225.00
EC25WPL PLATES – Wording AND 1 Signature, (Up to 4 Lines) $290.00 $261.00
EC250IPBK Black SELF-INKING Pad $69.00 $62.00
EC250IPR Red SELF-INKING Pad $69.00 $62.00

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EC402 Microfilmer

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