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After Market Replacement Racks for Kodak Prostar Processor

Complete set of Kodak Prostar Microfilm Processor Racks shown below

Complete set of Kodak Prostar Microfilm Processor Racks shown below

After market Kodak Prostar Processor replacement racks with savings up to 83% or more over the cost of Kodak racks

Kodak Prostar Processor RacksThese after market Kodak Prostar Processor replacement racks will save you over 50% – 83% per rack in comparison to the cost of Kodak racks! Compare not only the pricing but the quality of our fully guaranteed replacement racks. We believe these reconstructed after market processor replacement racks with new bushings made of Delrin are better than the original Kodak Prostar Processor racks!

We also carry individual parts and rack repair kits for those of you who repair your own racks for even greater savings.


After market Kodak Prostar Processor Replacement Rack Advantages:

  • $1000s less than a set of new Kodak racks
  • High quality materials – same or better than original
  • Order one rack or a complete set
  • Individual parts available
  • Rack repair kits available for do-it-yourself repair

Your price for after market racks shown below is with exchange of your old racksor send in your racks and we’ll rebuild them for the pricing listed below. (Price does not include exit guides or shoes if reuired.)
We recycle the original stainless steel rack side frames and install new parts in them.
(A $200.00 per rack (100% refundable) deposit is required until we receive your old racks.)

Want to rebuild your own racks and save even more money? Click here to go to our Kodak Prostar Processor Parts webpage.

Item Description Inquire for Pricing 


#1 Developer Rack  


#2 Developer Rack  


#3 Wash Rack  


#4 Fixer Rack  


#5 Fixer Rack  


#6 Wash Rack  


Dryer Rack  
  Complete set of racks  


Kodak Prostar Processor RackKodak Prostar Dryer RackProstar Processor #5 Rack

All prices and specifications subject to change without notice.