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The ScanPro 1000 has a single 7x-54x zoom lens which means you don’t have to stop your look ups to change lenses. This new microfilm scanner allows real time viewing at 80 fps on your PC monitor. When you locate the information you want, you can complete a high resolution scan in only one second with just a single click of your mouse. These scans can be saved or printed directly to the connected computer or to a networked computer or printer. It even comes standard with auto focus and with a click of your mouse you can rotate, zoom, flip or mirror your image. All this means that the ScanPro1000 is extremely versatile and can be used as the following when connected to your PC and printer: 16mm or 35mm Roll Film Scanner or 16/35mm Roll Film Reader Printer, Microfiche Scanner or Microfiche Reader Printer, or Aperture Card Scanner or Aperture Card Reader Printer.

For further information on the new Microfilm Scanner,  e-ImageData ScanPro 1000 Microfilm Scanner from World Micrographics, visit: http://worldmicrographics.com/scanpro-1000/


Microfilm Scanner Allows Real Time Viewing on PC
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Microfilm Scanner Allows Real Time Viewing on PC
The ScanPro 1000 Microfilm Scanner has a single 7x-54x zoom lens so you don’t have to change lenses. This Microfilm Scanner is extremely versatile and comes standard with auto focus.
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