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Library & Genealogy Microfilm Readers

The Super Carrel Motorized Reader is a versatile reader for all libraries and research institutions. This motorized reader for 16mm and 35mm microfilm uses high quality precision crafted Swiss motors. The rotary speed switch has four positions: Fast Forward, Fast Reverse, Slow Forward, Slow Reverse, with a variable speed range in the slow position for browsing. Film tension is maintained at low speeds to keep constant good focus during browsing. The Super Carrrel Motorized has an automatic opening glass platen for high speed film movement with delayed closing to prevent film scratching.

For further information about Microfilm Readers from World Micrographics, visit: http://worldmicrographics.com/library-readers/

Microfilm Reader For Library & Genealogy
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Microfilm Reader For Library & Genealogy
Microfilm Readers such as the Indus Super Carrel Motorized Reader are for libraries and research institutions. Microfilm Readers from World Micrographics use high quality precision crafted Swiss motors.
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