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DRS10000 HRS (High Resolution Scanner)

Eye Com 17 Mega-Pixel High Resolution USB2/3 Microfilm Scanner

DRS 10000 Aperture Card ScannerHigh Resolution Microfilm Scanner for Aperture Cards, 16mm & 35mm Roll Microfilm, Microfiche, Micro Opaques, and Jackets.

EyeCom DRS10000 High Resolution Microfilm Viewer/Scanner
The DRS10000 is an easy to use high resolution microfilm scanner for aperture cards with optional attachments for roll microfilm. WithAperture card carrier its low price and a very small footprint, the DRS10000 HRS Microfilm Scanner brings affordable, compact digital microfilm options to every microfilm media user. The DRS10000 Microfilm Scanner is user friendly making it well suited for multi-users, factories and public use at campuses, and libraries.

A single USB 2/3 connection to a computer supplies power and data line to the DRS10000. This allows researchers to easily scroll through microfilm or microfiche; zoom out for a full page zoom in for enlarged detail. A single press of a button will capture the image instantly making it immediately available to save, print or transfer with multiple saving options such as CD or a USB potable device. With simple interchangeable carriers the DRS10000 Microfilm Scanner will accept 16mm/35mm roll film, aperture cards, microfiche, jackets and micro opaque cards. The single high quality adjustable lens provides magnification of 7x-48X.DRS10000 Microfilm Scanner with roll film attachemnt

Pro Editing Software – Can be password enabled for secure computing operations. Once an image is on-the screen, you can zoom into specific areas of an image, or crop any portion of the image. Manual image rotation is available for viewing cine-format images. Zoomed or cropped mages can be saved or printed. The Eye Com DRS 10000 can be ordered without the case (see top photo) or with the case (shown in the bottom right photo). The available aperture card carrier is a simple two piece design with a clear plastic  “window” on the bottom and a black plastic frame that holds the aperture card in place during exposure. The aperture card carrier is shown in the top right photo.

DRS10000 Microfilm Scanner Advantages:

  • Full Frame 35mm
  • High Resolution 17 Mega-Pixel Images
  • Small Footprint
  • 0.5 Second capture speed

DRS10000 Aperture Card Scanner Specifications:
Max Resolution: 17 megapixel
Magnification: 7X-48X
Lens: Adjustable
Image rotation: Manual 360˚
Capture Speed: 0.5 second
Viewable Area: Full frame 35mm
Interface: USB 2/3
Output Format: BMP, JPEG or TIFF
Operating System
: Windows 7 and 8
Light Source: Cold Fluorescent

EyeCom DRS10000 HRS Microfilm Scanner Price
EyeCom DRS10000 HRS – for film, fiche and aperture card (17 Megapixel) with Pro 4000 Software (Select Carrier Options below) $6,595.00
EyeCom DRS10000 Cabinet Option $835.00
Microfiche/Aperture Card Carrier $500.00
Manual 16mm/35mm Roll Film Carrier $713.00
Manual Combination Carrier for Fiche and 16/35mm Roll Film $1,190.00
Motorized 16mm/35mm Roll Film Carrier $1,950.00
Motorized 16mm/3M Cartridge Roll Film Carrier $2,100.00
Aperture Card Carrier $175.00
Micro Card Carrier and Lamp $290.00
EyeCom DRS10000 Accessories  
Quick Thread 16mm Reel $35.00
Quick Thread 35mm Reel $59.00
Foot Pedal USB Connection $200.00
Spare External Light Power Supply (included with DRS 10000) $200.00
EyeCom DRS10000 HRS Extended Warranties (After standard 90 day)  
EyeCom DRS10000 HRS  1 Year Extended Warranty $1,000.00
EyeCom DRS10000 HRS  2 Year Extended Warranty $1,500.00
EyeCom DRS10000 HRS  3 Year Extended Warranty $1,875.00
EyeCom DRS10000 HRS  Motorized Carrier Extended Warranties (Additional Per Year) $400.00

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