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e-ImageData ScanPro 2000 Microfilm Scanner

The ScanPro® 2000 is the microform scanner of choice for librarians, researchers and corporations worldwide

ScanPro 2000

We’re revolutionizing the way you use microlm. With the ScanPro 2000s new OCR technology you can convert your microlm image to word searchable text, edit, link to information sources and save to any output with just a single click. No other microlm equipment on the market oers this capability. If you want more information on a word within your microlm image, just click the INFO-Link button and the word to open a reference source like Wikipedia, a dictionary, or thesaurus. Find words within your microlm image. Click the WORD-Search button and enter a word in the search box to highlight that word everywhere on the page. Select information on your microlm image and copy it to the clipboard as text for pasting into any document. With a single click you can convert any microlm image to a word searchable PDF, single page or multiple page. Research tools that make working with microlm
easy and fun.

The ScanPro 2000 is the most durable, easy to use, versatile microfilm scanner available.
No other equipment on the market can match the ScanPro 2000 for its track record of performance and reliability. In addition, its intuitive software makes working with microfilm fun for both experienced and first-time users. The ScanPro 2000 is an ultra compact microfilm scanner with a foot print the size of two sheets of letter paper that fits almost anywhere. The ScanPro 2000 is designed for the rigors of public use. It is constructed of heavy gauge steel throughout and utilizes steel bearings on all moving parts for reliability and long life. Use the ScanPro 2000 standard PowerScan software to save your images in PDF, JPEG, TIFF, TIFF comp., TIFF G4, and Multipage file formats. It provides powerful features for working with all your information stored on microform including microfilm 16mm & 35mm roll film, microfiche, aperture card, micro books, ultra fiche and micro opaque. The ScanPro2000 Microfilm Scanner offers a choice of a 7x-54x or 7X-105X single zoom lens, which means you don’t have to stop your look ups to change lenses. The ScanPro 2000 is one microfilm scanner that can handle it all!ScanPro 2000 screen

The ScanPro 2000 is the only microfilm scanner that has a completely customizable toolbar with intuitive icons that have tool tips and on screen help. This makes it possible to utilize powerful software functions while always keeping the operation simple and easy-to-use.

See the exciting features in the latest release of the ScanPro 2000 PowerScan software!

Film Selection Wizard
sets up your scanner for any film application with a single click.
Tabs keep button controls to a minimum while making all the powerful ScanPro features available.
Customizable text labels for all buttons and tabs.
On screen editor automatically adjusts selected image areas (also selectively erase and redact).
Use Custom Crop to scan just the areas you want.

ScanPro 2000 cropping

ScanPro 2000 spot-edit tool


ScanPro 2000 REMOTE-Access™
Access to your ScanPro 2000 from anywhere in the world! You or anyone who has permission to access your computer can operate your ScanPro 2000 from anywhere in the world using an internet connection to your computer. This capability is standard on every ScanPro 2000 at no extra cost. No other microfilm scanner provides that capability. Using the REMOTE-Access capability of your ScanPro 2000, you can let anybody anywhere in the world, search, edit, scan and save information stored on your roll film. You just mount the roll film on your motorized roll film carrier, and the remote operator does the rest.
Note: The operator at the remote access location needs a computer and viewing screen to operate the ScanPro 2000 (along with permission to access your computer).

ScanPro 2000 is Energy Star RatedScanPro 2000 is energy efficient
The ScanPro 2000 is a Power Miser

  • Our “Cool Green” illumination system is hundreds of times more efficient than white lamps used in other equipment and doesn’t generate harmful heat that could damage film.
  • The ScanPro’s “Cool Green” illumination system doesn’t contain materials found in CCFL illumination systems that have been identified by the EPA as a danger to health and harmful to the environment.
  • Its electronic components were selected for low power consumption, and a special surface mount design was incorporated to minimize power usage.
  • When components are not required to be operational, they turn off automatically to save even more energy, features not available with any other microfilm equipment.
  • The ScanPro’s power management feature lets users select the low-power sleep mode that best meets their application requirements. ScanPro 2000 autoscan software

The ScanPro 2000 can scan All of Your Microforms
The ScanPro2000 microfilm scanner is the perfect viewer/printer/scanner for all of your microforms; fiche, roll film, micro opaques, micro books, ultra fiche, cartridge film and aperture cards. The Microfilm ScanPro 2000 utilizes combination carriers that remain on the ScanPro when changing film types. These carriers are designed to avoid film scratching. They are built for public use applications, and feature ball bearing guides with an integrated precision digital roll film controller to provide exceptional film positioning control.

Exclusive TRUE-View™
No longer do you have to scan your microform image to see how changes in settings affect scan quality. With ScanPro 2000 TRUE-view™, powerful image adjustment features like enhancement, brightness, contrast, straightening, and cropping can be applied automatically or manually. Furthermore, the changes made are seen immediately on your PC monitor. When satisfied with what you see, that is exactly what you will get when you scan, save, or print. ScanPro2000 users report that this feature is a major time saving capability.

Easily View Small Details
With the ScanPro 2000 you can use the magnifier tool to view the smallest details on your microforms. You can look at a full page of information and select the area that you want to enlarge and then magnify up to 500%.

Automatic, Unattended Roll film Scanning
The optional Auto-Scan™ plug-in software for the ScanPro 2000 adds a button right on the standard toolbar that turns the ScanPro 2000 with a motorized roll film carrier into an automatic, unattended microfilm scanner for roll film.

ScanPro 2000 Universal Microfilm Scanner Advantages:

  • High resolution scan in just ONE second.
  • Single zoom lens – 7X to 54X or 7X to 105X optical magnification.
  • Time saving one “CLICK” image correction
  • 360° Optical Image Rotation and Digital Rotation.
  • Scan, print, e-mail, save to USB, CD, and hard drive.
  • PDF, JPEG, TIFF, TIFF comp., TIFF G4, and Multipage.
  • Customizable toolbar with tabs for simple operation.
  • Film Selection Wizzard sets up scanner for any film application with a single click.
  • Secure screen mode for public use applications.
  • On screen help for ease-of-use.
  • SPOT-Edit™, selective image editing capability in multiple areas.
  • Selective erase and redact


PLEASE NOTE: As the exclusive dealer for the State of Ohio and West Virginia , we sell only within these states. If you are located within this area, please contact us for a free demonstration and pricing. If you are located outside of Ohio or West Virginia, please contact e-ImageData for your local dealer information.

Item Base Unit


ScanPro 2000 Microfilm Scanner Base Unit with USB3 SuperSpeed Interface (lens and film carrier sold separately) – Includes PowerScan software and USB3 cable.
Zoom Lenses – Select one


7X-54X Zoom Lens


7X-105X Zoom Lens for Ultrafiche
Film Carriers – Select one


Fiche Carrier (fiche, ultra fiche, jackets, aperture cards, micro opaques).


UCC160 manual combination carrier for fiche (including flat films listed above) and 35/16mm roll film.


UCC310 manual and motorized roll film carrier for: fiche (including flat films listed above) and motorized 16/35mm roll film.


UCC410 manual and motorized roll film carrier for: fiche (including flat films listed above) and motorized 16/35mm roll film and motorized cartridge film (M).
Optional Items


Micro Opaque Viewer


Auto-Scan™ Plug-in Software for ScanPro 2000
Adds automatic scanning for 16/35mm and 3M cartridge film
(Requires UCC300 or UCC400 Motorized Carrier)


PowerScan Productivity Suite
includes INFO-Link, WORD-Search™, Copy to Clipboard, Word searchable PDF (single and multipage)


12 month warranty extension (starts after 1st year standard warranty)


ScanPro 2000 upgrade to ScanPro 3000 upgrade kit. Contact us for installation and pricing.


See the ScanPro 3000 video:

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