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ScanPro 1000

e-ImageData ScanPro 1000 Microfilm Scanner
The ScanPro 1000 is no longer sold – this is for reference only

Upgrade your ScanPro 1000 to automatic microfilm scanner!
(A motorized roll film carrier is required with this software package.

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The optional Auto-Scan™ plug-in software for the ScanPro 1000 adds a button right on the standard toolbar that turns any ScanPro 1000 with a motorized roll film carrier into an automatic, unattended microfilm scanner for roll film. With the addition of Auto-Scan™, you have both the standard ScanPro 1000 that can be used as a reader, a reader printer, a full feature research scanner, or anywhere in between and at anytime switch to the automatic scanning of roll film.

The ScanPro 1000 has a single 7x-54x zoom lens which means you don’t have to stop your look ups to change lenses. This new microfilm scanner allows real time viewing at 80 fps on your PC monitor. When you locate the information you want, you can complete a high resolution scan in only one second with just a single click of your mouse. These scans can be saved or printed directly to the connected computer or to a networked computer or printer. It even comes standard with auto focus and with a click of your mouse you can rotate, zoom, flip or mirror your image. All this means that the ScanPro1000 is extremely versatile and can be used as the following when connected to your PC and printer: 16mm or 35mm Roll Film Scanner or 16/35mm Roll Film Reader Printer, Microfiche Scanner or Microfiche Reader Printer, or Aperture Card Scanner or Aperture Card Reader Printer

The ScanPro 1000 has a friendly interface that utilizes easy-to-use graphical buttons for simple operation. The included ScanPro1000 software allows you to select which button features will be available keeping the user controls simple and uncluttered. If you are searching an efficient microfilm viewer/scanner then the ScanPro 1000 is an excellent choice!

The ScanPro 1000 illumination lamp is warranted for the life of the scanner eliminating another cost of ownership for microfilm equipment. This is an industry first for microfilm equipment.The ScanPro 1000 uses all microforms

Scan All of Your Microforms
The ScanPro1000 microfilm scanner is the perfect viewer/printer/scanner for all of your microforms; fiche, roll film, micro opaques, micro books, ultra fiche, cartridge film and aperture cards. The Microfilm ScanPro 1000 utilizes combination carriers that remain on the ScanPro when changing film types. These carriers are designed to avoid film scratching. They are built for public use applications, and feature ball bearing guides with an integrated precision digital roll film controller to provide exceptional film positioning control.

Easily View Small Details
With the ScanPro 1000 you can use the magnifier tool to view the smallest details on your microforms. You can look at a full page of information and select the area that you want to enlarge and then magnify up to 500%.

Automatic, Unattended Roll film Scanning
The optional Auto-Scan™ plug-in software for the ScanPro 1000 and ScanPro 2000 adds a button right on the standard toolbar that turns any ScanPro with a motorized roll film carrier into an automatic, unattended microfilm scanner for roll film.
ScanPro 1000 Universal Microfilm Scanner Advantages:

  • High resolution scan in just ONE second.
  • Single zoom lens – 7X to 54X optical magnification.
  • Time saving one “CLICK” image correction
  • 360° Optical Image Rotation and Digital Rotation.
  • Scan, print, e-mail, save to USB, CD, and hard drive.
  • PDF, JPEG, TIFF, TIFF comp., TIFF G4, and Multipage.
  • Customizable toolbar for simple operation.
  • Save and restore settings provides flexibility and efficiency.
  • Secure screen mode for public use applications.
  • On screen help for ease-of-use.
  • SPOT-Edit™, selective image editing capability.

ScanPro 1000 Specifications:
Screen Size: Any size Windows compatible video display
Viewing: Real time viewing of high resolution microfilm images at all magnifications
Magnification: Single Zoom Lens 7X-54X
Focus: Full Automatic, Manual
Image Rotation: 360º Optical and Digital
Scanning Speed (all magnifications): 1 second, full page, high resolution
Scanning Resolution*: Selectable 200, 300, 400, 600 DPI
File Formats: PDF, TIFF, TIFF Compressed, TIFF G4, JPEG, PDF multipage, TIFF multipage (all TIFF formats)
Illumination: Solid State, warranted for the life of the scanner
Hardware Interface: Firewire IEEE 1394
File Types: Microfiche, jackets, aperture cards, 16 & 35mm roll film
Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 2000, XP, Vista
Power Requirements: 100V-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 7”H x 12.5”W x 16”D (318mm x 645mm x 178mm)
Weight: 19.5 lbs. (9 kg)
* The ScanPro 1000 alternative “at sensor” dpi resolution measurement is 7,257dpi for ALL magnifications.

PLEASE NOTE: We are now the exclusive dealer for ScanPro products in Ohio only and are not permitted to sell outside our territory (Ohio). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Item Description of Currently Available ScanPro 1000 Items Price


Auto-Scan™ Plug-in Software for ScanPro 1000
Adds automatic scanning for 16/35mm and 3M cartridge film
(Requires UCC200 or UCC250 Motorized Carrier)


Factory 12 month warranty extension for Base unit $695.00


Factory 12 month warranty extension for Roll Film carriers $125.00

All prices and specifications subject to change without notice.