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ALOS Z40 Reader Printer

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ALOS Z40 Reader Printer

alos z40 reader printerEconomical, Compact ALOS Z40 Reader Printer

The ALOS Z40 Reader Printer is a compact energy-efficient, plain paper reader-printer that offers zoom lens capability. For convenience and ease of operator use, all controls are located in the front of the ALOS Z40. Space conscious in design, prints exit up front in the built-in paper tray allowing the ALOS Z40 Reader Printer to be used in small work areas. Bi-mode printing, prism and zoom lens is available on the ALOS Z40, as well as a manual or motorized roll film carrier for 16/35mm and check masking.
ALOS Z40 Reader Printer Advantages:

  • Space-Saving Design
  • Low Copy Cost
  • Easy Operator Maintenance
  • All controls are just a touch away.
  • Positive and Negative Printing
  • Easy Loading Paper Cassette
  • Reader or Reader/Printer

ALOS Z40 Reader Printer Specifications:
Type: Desktop
Printing Method: Dry printing on plain paper
Density Control: Manual
Film: Microfiche, Jackets, 16mm and 35mm roll film
Screen: 12″ x 12″ (305mm x 305mm)
Lenses: Zoom: 18-36x; Prism: 18x, 23.5x, 29x, 41x, 46x; COM lenses: 31.5x, 36x, 54x
Image Rotation: Prism lens required
Print Size: Letter size (8.5″ x 11″)
Print Speed: 6 prints per minute
First Print Speed: 14.5 seconds (Multiple prints 1-9)
Warm up Time: 30 seconds (approx.)
Dimensions: Height: 26″ (660 mm) Width: 19″ (483 mm) Depth: 29″ (737 mm)
Weight: 82 lbs. (37 kg)
Electrical: 115V/60HZ

Reader Printer
Description – Please check availability Your Price
Reader Printer
Includes one N-P Imaging Unit – Discontinued

ALOS Z40 Reader Printer Lenses

Zoom Lens 18x-36x $529.00
Prism Lens 23.5x, 29x, 41x, or 46x $295.00
Prism Lens 36x $465.00
Fixed Magnification 31.5 (for 42X COM) or 36x (for 48x COM) $199.95
Fixed Magnification 54x (for 72x COM) $238.50
Fixed Magnification 107x (for ULTRAFICHE) $256.99



ALOS Z40 Roll Film Carriers

ALOS Z40 Reader Printer RC40 Roll Film CarrierRC40 Roll film Carrier for ALOS Z40 Reader Printer

The ALOS RC40 Roll film Carrier mounts easily on the ALOS Z40 Reader Printer making the switch between fiche and roll formats a breeze. Film threading is simple, even for the first time user. The RC40 features two speed control options. Both options make it quick and simple to locate the desired film location depending on the application or user preference.ALOS Z40 Push Button Controls for RC40
Push-button controls feature three convenient speeds. Slow motion, scan and high speed are available for forward and reverse motion. High speed is at 10 feet (3m) per second, and the slow scanning motion is remarkably smooth. Variable speed control is available for any film speed adjustment between 0 to 10 feet (3m) per second. The desired film speed in both directions is adjusted with a control knob. This control allows hands-free operation and smooth film movement at any speed, which eliminates eye strain. Whatever your preference: smooth and steady film transport is guaranteed – even in slow motion. The automatic film gate prevents film scratching by opening the glass flats during high-speed film transport.

Roll Film Carrier RC40 for ALOS Z40 Reader Printer Specifications:
Formats Accepted: 16mm and 35mm rollfilm in open reels, M-type cartridges (with optional adapter kit)
Film Loading: Manual
Dimensions: 26 1/2″ w x 10″ d x 4 1/2″ h / (673mm x 254mm x 115m)
Weight: 10 3/4 lbs. (4.9 kg)
Electrical: DC Voltage from ALOS Z40 main unit

ALOS Z40 Reader Printer Carriers Roll Film Carrier Description – Please check availability Your Price
Rollfilm Carrier RC40 Motorized 16/35mm w/Variable Speed Knob Control or Push Button Control $1525.00
Rollfilm Carrier RC40 Variable Speed Knob Control Box (accessory) $300.00
Rollfilm Carrier RC40 Push Button Control Box (accessory) $320.00
Mod Kit to RC40 Push Button Control $230.00
Roll Film Carrier Manual 16/35mm $525.00
Roll Film Adaptor Manual 16mm ONLY $190.00
Roll Film Carrier 3M Cartridge Adaptor $170.00
Item ALOS Z40 Reader Printer Accessories Your Price
ALOS Z40 Workstation 5 Workstation for ALOS Z40 Reader Printer $385.00
Dust Cover With or w/o Rollfilm Carrier
Z40 Projection Lamp Projection Lamp (JCR) $47.00
Item ALOS Z40 Reader Printer Imaging Unit Price
N-P Imaging Unit N-P or P-P Call
Exchange Fee From N-P to P-P Imaging Unit
Case for Imaging Unit Recommended for Bi-mode Units
Item ALOS Z40 Reader Printer Supplies no longer available Price

All prices and specifications subject to change without notice.